Capturing Life. Your Memories, Your Legacy.

Capturing Life. Your Memories, Your Legacy.

Behind the lens and canvas


              We have drawn, painted and photographed people, pets, places and events in numerous countries, including South Africa, Israel, Ireland, England, Germany and the USA.

               We are located in Boca Raton, FL and serve our clients throughout South Florida, as well as nationally and internationally and you're welcome to call us at 954-406-7635. Welcome to our site, browse and enjoy.


                    Since I was a kid, I've seen the world through a different lens.

Now I'm making a life through this way of seeing. In reality, I don't think life is a glass half-full or half-empty; most of us are using the wrong sized glass! We have to remake our “container” to best fit our life.

My goal is to let the camera show what my eye sees and my mind believes, sharing a glimpse of the container I’ve tried to make.

Enjoy envisioning this process together with me. Let me hear what you feel in response. I am available for a wide variety of shoots. Call me at 954-406-7635 or click on the "Contact Us" link to the left, send an email and we can discuss your project and specific needs.


                  Hello, I Natasha Len was born in South Africa in 1971. I have always felt connected to art and nature, even as a child growing up in Johannesburg. My first art competition was won in the city centre at the age of eight with a picture depicting animal conservation in Africa.

From then on, I continued my art studies throughout school, and after 3 years of intensive study under some of South Africa’s most inspiring artists and lecturers, I received my Diploma in Fine Arts at the Witwatersrand Technikon in Johannesburg.

This culminated in an exhibition at the Market Theatre where I sold a few of my first works.It was at this time, that I began to blossom in my religion as a Jew, and I saw so many parallels between the art world and the religious world that my eyes were opened to the wondrous possibilities of a life full of both religion and art.

To this day, I have no greater pleasure than sitting down with my children and teaching them about life through creating artworks that help them express themselves in positive ways. My work expresses my inspirations and feelings about the world around me, and art enables me to see the world positively and appreciate its fine details.

I feel it appropriate to quote a saying from F.W. Watts. “In all true art there is a vital underlying thought, and artists have accordingly been amongst the great thinkers of man-kind.” And the quote continues “As an eminent painter once expressed, my intention has not been so much as to paint pictures that will charm the eye, but rather to suggest great thoughts that will appeal to the imagination and the heart and kindle all that is best and noblest in humanity". For Jewish Art speaks as great poetry, sometimes demanding noble aspirations, and warning us against deep lapses in morals and duties as once our Hebrew Prophets had spoken.

Natasha Len is a wife and a mother of eight children who currently lives and paints in Boca Raton, FL, and has been actively pursuing her love of art and family.

She enjoys using acrylic, charcoal and silk-screening.

Her works grace many homes in cities across the USA, South Africa, England and Israel.